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Our Global Vision - Strategic Plan 2008-2010

Strategic Objectives
1 Strengthen ICOM's global impact
Anticipated results by 2010
  1. Effective and frequent communication about and throughout the network
  2. ICOM's reconceptualised approach to its activities and their delivery captures the diversity of its members
  3. Museums are part of global forums which explore provocative contemporary issues through interaction with non-traditional partners
  4. Active strategic partnerships that are committed to global intervention and involvement
  5. New collaborative networks for developing and disseminating ICOM's activities

2 Provide leadership in advocating the value of heritage

Anticipated results by 2010
  1. Collaborative communication systems to stimulate the understanding of how heritage affects everyday life
  2. Diverse, innovative approaches to use and apply the ICOM Code of Ethics
  3. ICOM is recognised as the most effective champion for promoting heritage
3 Champion effectiveness and high standards in museums
Anticipated results by 2010
  1. Benchmarks reflecting various environments have been developed and applied
  2. Case studies demonstrating the effective implementation of good practice are in place and communicated across all networks
  3. ICOM's expanding network develops an awareness of ethical values
  4. Collections are acquired, used and presented in diverse ways that stimulate dialogue
4 Ensure the resources required to effectively implement the Strategic Plan
Anticipated results by 2010
  1. There is evidence of improved ownership and understanding of the plan throughout the network
  2. ICOM's Secretariat has been reconfigured based on the Strategic Plan
  3. ICOM's Secretariat is housed under one roof
  4. ICOM's diversification of its revenue sources has produced income that begins to exceed budgetary and programme needs
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Updated: 8 August 2007