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Our Global Vision - Strategic Plan 2008-2010

Strategic Objective 4
Ensure the resources required to effectively implement the Strategic Plan

Anticipated results by 2010

1  There is evidence of improved ownership and understanding of the plan throughout the network

2  ICOM's Secretariat has been reconfigured based on the Strategic Plan

3  ICOM's Secretariat is housed under one roof

4  ICOM's diversification of its revenue sources has produced income that begins to exceed budgetary and programme needs


1 Redefine the Advisory Committee and Executive Council's ways of working to ensure strategic focus and good governance

2 Link fund-raising and the allocation of membership revenue to the directions established by the Strategic Plan

3 Frequently review, evaluate and communicate the results for the Plan throughout the network

4 Thoroughly integrate the National and International Committees into the process for developing the 2011 - 2013 Strategic Plan

5 Set the policy and longer term targets for Development [fundraising, funding and self-generated revenue]

6 Consolidate the criteria for selecting the ICOM Secretariat's office; research options and establish minimal/maximum time line

7 Continue and expand on the transparency and accountability of all aspects of ICOM's financial reporting to all its members

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Updated: 8 August 2007