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Our Global Vision - Strategic Plan 2008-2010

Strategic Objective 3
Champion effectiveness and high standards in museums

Anticipated result by 2010

1  Benchmarks reflecting various environments have been developed and applied


1 Define various environments, as identified in ICOM’s values and in the environmental scan

2 Collect examples of standards from ICOM’s network, museums associations and pan-international organisations, and carry out comparative research

3 Communicate findings through the network, make use of electronic communication media (ICOM-L, website, etc)

4 Make benchmarking a standard agenda point for every Advisory Committee meeting, to establish a flexible set of benchmarks

5 Ensure the developed standards are always current

6 Develop interactive approaches to the use and application of standards

Anticipated result by 2010

2  Case studies demonstrating the effective implementation of good practice are in place and communicated across all networks


1 Define good practice according to the Code of Ethics and benchmarks

2 2 Commission case studies that indicate priority themes, such as current issues and challenges facing museums, among National and International Committees and key museum professionals (possibly using forthcoming INTERCOM scenario series as a model)

3 Publish case studies on best practice through innovative means, and ensure monitored discussion and online debate

Anticipated results by 2010

3  ICOM's expanding network develops an awareness of ethical values


1 Make the work of the Ethics Committee accessible through multiple means 

2 Ensure that all International and National Committees have a link to the ICOM Code of Ethics on their websites (homepage link)

3 Set up sessions on ethics and related development issues at meetings of Executive Council, Advisory Committee and General Conference

4 Introduce diversified and innovative approaches to the application of the ICOM Code of Ethics

Anticipated result by 2010

4  Collections are acquired, used and presented in diverse ways that stimulate dialogue


1 Ensure there are links between the maintenance of heritage and the provisions in ICOM's Code of Ethics regarding collections acquisition, use and presentation, in activities within and without ICOM

2 Embed ICOM's cross-cultural approach locally and globally, through the promotion of cultural diversity of collections and expressions of knowledge

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Updated: 8 August 2007