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Our Global Vision - Strategic Plan 2008-2010

Strategic Objective 2
Provide leadership in advocating the value of heritage

Anticipated result by 2010

1  Collaborative communication systems to stimulate the understanding of how heritage affects everyday life


1 Establish and promote a database of research that explores the links between the conservation of objects and their social and economic context

2 Collaborate on a framework for action with heritage agencies and NGOs

3 Expand on the use of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN ) in dotMuseum

4 Establish knowledge partnerships with cultural and heritage development agencies, such as UNESCO, UNDP and World Bank, through brainstorming sessions, publications and collaborative projects

5 Seek accreditation and active participation in international fora, including global summits of importance, such as the Davos Forum and the Social Development Forum

Anticipated result by 2010

2  Diverse, innovative approaches to use and apply the ICOM Code of Ethics    


1 Establish a platform for dialogue among key organisations to foster access to and the sharing of museum objects and information

2 Promote the importance of the ICOM Code of Ethics to funding agencies and link ethics with development

Anticipated result by 2010

3  ICOM is recognised as the most effective champion for promoting heritage


1 Launch and publicise a series of high profile, multi-partnership symposia on current key issues, such as social inequality, intangible heritage, digital memory or illicit traffic

2 Recognise innovative work and work of excellence in community- inclusive projects which demonstrate the value and diversity of heritage in human development.

3 Promote cross-fertilisation, exchanges and diverse interpretation of current topics that are relevant across the globe, for example International Museum Day

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Updated: 8 August 2007